Urban Terrace

Refurbishment and extension of a narrow London town house turning a disjointed series of small cellular ground floor rooms into an expansive open plan living space. A small yard to the side of the original kitchen was infilled with a glazed roof extension to accommodate a 6m linear kitchen ranged along the party wall. Steel box frames support the main rear elevation and bathroom extension allowing internal partitions to be removed. A fire curtain allows the entrance lobby and stair core to be opened into the kitchen and dining area and full height bi-fold doors with a flush sill open out the internal space onto to a walled terrace and wooded garden beyond. At night LED lights illuminate the walls of the terrace.

Underfloor heating, recessed plaster lights, flush doors and frames, consistent internal and external floor finishes and a limited range of high quality fittings, appliances and finishes are used to maximise the sense of space and promote sunlight and daylight penetration into the principal living area of this four bedroom town house.